Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Best Defense

You need to help me.
I'm locked in the bathroom.

He's coming to get me, I know it.
It started off a about two hours ago. I was laying in bed, thinking about my day. You know that time of night when everything in your thoughts are going good, and then all of a sudden you get scared for no reason?

I wish I didn't.

It starts when your foot hanging off the side of your bed feels awkward. You, in all honesty, know that there is nothing under your bed. But you move your foot anyway.

Then the shadows start playing tricks on you. No big deal though. I can handle that. But soon, you get scared enough to cover your head with the blanket. I know, I think it is silly too. Like a cloth is going to be able to stop anything? Like someone wouldn't be able to see you under there?

Didn't matter though. Being underneath the blanket is the only thing that was letting me feel safe. After about an hour and a half, I finally calmed down. I counted to 40, reassured myself everything was okay.

I took the blanket off my head, and looked into the room. A shadow slowly moved across my room. It was at the foot of my bed before I realized what it was- an eyeless terror with pasty white skin and a smile so creepy it made me want to throw up. It looked me deep in the eyes, and brushed his hand across my cheek.

"There you are, I almost didn't see you."

I ran to the bathroom, but took this picture to get you to believe me.

Help me. And remember... Hiding underneath the blankets really does help.

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