Friday, September 14, 2012

White with Red

A man went to a hotel and walked up to the front desk to check in. The woman at the desk gave him his key and told him that on the way to his room, there was a door with no number that was locked and no one was allowed in there, nor even just look inside the room. He listened to the woman's instructions, went straight to his room, and went to sleep.

The next night, his curiosity would not leave him alone. What is in that room?! He walked down the hall to the door and tried the handle. Expectedly, it was locked. He bent down and looked through the old, antique key hole. Cold air passed through, chilling his eye. What he saw was a hotel bedroom, one bed, two nightstands, a T.V., and a patron in a long white dress with even paler skin. She was leaning her head against the wall, facing away from the door, staring at the T.V. He stared for a while, almost knocked, but then walked away.

The next day, he was passing the door again, and he could not fight his curiosity any longer. He looked through the keyhole again, but this time all he saw was red. Just red. He assumed someone had saw him spying and placed a red piece of paper by the hole.

Curiosity peaking, he finally asked the woman at the front desk who was in the room. As soon as he asked, she had a look of death upon her face, and quickly asked, "You didn't look in the keyhole did you?".

Reluctantly, he answered yes, aditting he saw her watching T.V. She quickly explained, "Years ago, a man killed his wife in that room. Took out her eyes. Her ghost still sits in that room... When she's not staring at the T.V., she is looking out the keyhole, finding her next victim. At least your eyes haven't met hers, yet. Then you'd have a problem."

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