Friday, September 14, 2012

Combo #8

Go to any Arby's and look for combo #8. You won't find it. Know why?

Arby's was first founded in Ohio in the 1960's by the Raffel Brothers (R.B.'s, get it?). They were both rather wealthy members of society with a business in the black market- they cut and sold human meat and organs. When a knowledgeable customer came in, s/he ordered a Combo 8, even though the board only went up to 7.

As you can imagine, most Arby's today no longer sell human meat, if any. But to keep a possible patron from getting unhappy (and partially in shame of their dark history), they don't offer any Combo #8.

Oh, and I wouldn't reccomend getting too nosy about this. Where do you think they got their meat from?

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